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12/29/2009 As usual we spent Thanksgiving and Christmas day with Jean and Ronnie.  At Christmas Paul decided we needed a road Trip to OCC in new york to look around and buy tee shirts.  There are way too many pictures to post but we all had fun.  On the way home we talked about who is doing what for New Years Eve!

11/15/2009 Alice has been a loyal Martha Stewart fan for many years now.  I can still remember Alice watching Martha decorating the White House with Hillary and the Clintons so it's been a while huh?  So you can imagine how happy Alice was to attend a live taping of Martha in NYC with Liz at her side!

11/1/2009 Due to his coloring it is difficult for me to get a good picture of our cat Rocky.  He won't sit still for very long and it's hard to get his eyes, but every once in a while one picture comes out.  I'll keep trying to work on him.  This picture was originally part of a group of pictures called the 'Mouse Gang' and was taken right after the mouse incident.

10/1/2009 Each year we break out the 22s and head to the range at Easton Fish and Game to practice.  This year Liz came to compete and showed me up in a little friendly competition.  That's a nice 5 shot group Liz.  You make daddy proud!

9/15/2009 Katies Wedding was a treat for all.  We enjoyed both the ceremony and choice of venue.  The music was great, the dancing was wonderful and we got a chance to catch up with some friends who were also there.  All of the girls from the book club were invited.  All in all lots of fun and glad to see 'Dr' Katie on her way to New York as a married lady. BTW -- Here is Liz with one of the ushers!

9/1/2009 At somepoint I made the mistake of joining 'FB'... a decision that I regret to this day.  What was I thinking?  That a bunch of folks from CHS would want to sit all night and chat about their lives, recounting their tales of woe and 'liking' each others posts?  Alice created an account and never logged on, but me, Nooooooooo!

8/13/2009 OBX  You can't see it all can you?  I know.  That's part of the point.  It doesn't all fit on one page does it?  And yet this is the monument I was lead to and was finally able to see.  I don't even know why... but here we are at the spot in Kitty Hawk North Carolina where the Wright brothers did so much to change the way we all lived.  All I can say is that it was one of the most inspirational and moving experiences of my lifetime.  And so to Wilbur and Orville I raise my glass, and to my God in heaven I raise my Ebenezer ‘Thus far the Lord has helped us’ ” (1 Samuel 7:12).
Thanks Alice for being there, Love John :)

8/12/2009 OBX It's a rainbow.  You had to be there.  It was the most perfect rainbow I have yet witnessed and had a chance to photograph!  Loved it!  jmh :)

8/11/2009 OBX OK I'll admit it.  I love these license plates.  And the local folks even have the 'OBX' written someplace on the plate itself along with the wright flyer in the background.

8/10/2009 OBX Monday morning we arrived on the banks.  This was our first trip to North Carolina in many years.  On the way Alice and I took the Chesa peake bay bridge and tunnel which has been improved since our last trip. They sky was blue and the weather was hot.  Here is Alice checking out the beach before checking in.

7/10/2009 Mings  Here we are again at Ming Tsai's Blue Ginger restaurant.  They did alot of expansion since last year, taking over the place next door and doubling the capacity.  We sat as usual in the main dining room which hadn't changed that much. I had the Alaskan Butterfish and Alice had the Lobster.  Wow! What a dinner!

7/9/2009 Alices Birthday!  This year for Alices Birthday, actually it's now called 'The Week of Alice', we decided to head up to Mass for dinner at Mings.  We usually make a weekend out of it and while there take time to visit our favorite places.  Here we are in Gloucester Mass on the sea coast at the memorial to honor the lost and fallen seamen.

7/4/2009 4th of July at Jean and Ron's house this year was a blast.  Everyone was there... well except for Liz who was working.  'Dad, its time and a half!'  Lauren, What happened to the picture of me and Paul?  I guess my eyes were closed huh? So we'll go with the shot of Ryan and Alice!   Important Note------------->>> This picture is courtesy of Lauren Marciano -- CPA!!!!  All Rights Reserved!!!!

6/21/2009 Happy Fathers Day!!!  Liz gets me the cool stuff and this year was the best.  We had a great day grill'in, chill'in and hanging out at the house.  Every year Liz can be counted on to get me that very special fathers day gift.  Take a look at these Sham Wows I've had my eyes on.  Thanks Liz!  PS> Did you hear about Billy Mays? See you soon...

6/20/2009 CHS Alice and I both graduated from the same high school in the same year 1974, and if that's not enough we got married and are still together all these years later.  And good old CHS still keep tabs on us and wants us to update our listing in the 2009-2010 CHS alumni directory again.  Sure, we're in!  Can't wait to see the book and the CD soon.

6/10/09 Newark Airport safe and sound.  The whole way home on the plane from San Juan we talked about Liz, who had volunteered to house sit for us and feed the cats plus this time she did the drop off and pick up to save me a few hundred bucks.  Alice, I never worry about Liz... I always worry about you! Welcome Home!

6/6/09 St Thomas was breath taking again... we had been here before.  The ship has a main hall, that looks like a mall running down the middle of the ship with stores and places to hang out.  On the last night we generally have a tradition of enjoying a glass of champagne together and talking about the next trip.

6/5/2009 Dominica  Here we are on the island of Dominica. and no, I don't think it's part of the Dominican Republic but I'll keep checking.  The port was nice and as usual we walked around and bought a fee tee shirts etc.  The sky was a little cloudy but the sun was always out allowing for some decent picture shots oh, BTW Happy Birthday John...

6/4/2009 At Sea So we're heading away from Curacao back east to Dominica and it takes a day so we spend the day hanging around the ship.  Alice likes to spend her time in the gift shop buying new 'cruise wear'.  Here she is wearing her new ensemble... but she just doesn't seem happy with it.  Alice, you look Marvelous!

6/3/2009 Curacao I didn't realize how close we were to South America but you could see the offshore oil fields of Venezuela in the distance.  We got off the boat at each port.  Some times taking side trips to beaches and other times just walking around.  The port in Curacao was very pretty and a nice couple from the ship snapped this picture for us.

6/2/2009 Aruba  Alice, this is the beach in Aruba where I got the really bad sun burn.  If you had been there you mght have reminded me to keep my shirt on or wear some sun block. And you missed a cool ride on the kuku kunubu bus, but I am glad you felt better and spent the day shopping!  Love John!

6/1/2009 Day At Sea.  When we're not in a port we are running around the ship looking for things to do.  These include eating, strolling, hanging out on the deck, swimming, meeting new friends etc.  Most of the cruises have a wine tasting class and art auctions.  Although we didn't buy the picture Alice found one she really liked!

5/31/2009 San Juan Puerto Rico.  Alice and I decided this time to fly south to pick up the Cruise Ship.  From Newark we flew to San Juan then shared a cab with a couple from Canada to the Cruise ship dock where we boarded Royal Caribbean Adventure of the seas.  Here is Alice all set to go!

5/16/2009 Mass Alice has always been a longaberger basket fan so we made the bus trip to Mass where they held a basket making party at the site of Yankee Candle company, btw another fave of Alices.  For me it was fun being the only guy with hundreds of women around. For Alice it was a chance to meet other basket lovers and buy a few things.  Here she is enjoying the day!

5/10/2009 Mothers Day!  Each year around this time Alice takes an interest in the plants she has growing in the front.  My job is to take pictures and dig the holes for the new plants plus have a supply of black garbage bags at the ready.  Here is Alice with her bag in hand getting ready to head to the Garden store for plants.

4/5/2009 New Rings.  Alice, does this new guy know you're already married?  What did I tell you?  I told you to keep a low profile and do the right thing.  This is another tough year for us, remember?  Still it's fun to see you excited about your new rings.  What was the movie?  "Look at them Jimmy, They're wearing it!" Love John!

4/2/2009 When Good pets go Bad Part 5!!! Alice!  Yeah I know... What a cute kitty cat huh.  I thought you and Garfield were BFF?  Yeah, you only hurt the one you love huh?  Ouch! That looks a little tender...  Ya know, J&J makes some neosporin which should help control the pain but in a few days it will start to itch... Try to keep it covered.

3/17/2009 Happy St Pattys Day. And yes, actually I've met more than one St Patty in my life but that's another story.  At least for this year, it was an excuse to have a few beers.  This time we didn't sit there offering toasts to Dwyane but we had fun.  Alice loves to remember the holidays and this is one of her favorites!

2/28/2009 The Lake Placid hockey tournament for me was another trip of a life time.  I got to see my nephew Jeffery play on the ice where the 1980 miracle on ice occurred.  Left is my brother Tom, Courtney Zablocki of the USA Women's Luge Team, Jeffery and Me!

2/10/2009 Dwayne This picture was taken by Liz and I was quite impressed.  My camera has some extra flashes that cause people and animals to 'blink' when the flash goes off.  In this picture you can clearly see Dwaynes eyes!  This has been a very special cat for us.  He reminds me of the cats we had growing up.  He has a wonderful personality and is an easy pet to keep! 

1/25/2009 LIZ!!!  Liz has been busily attending Grad school at Rutgers  but the money must have gotten a little tight.  She decided to get a job in a favorite area of hers and is now a 'Barista'  in the Bernardsville area.  The other night she came home with her new apron which makes it all official!  Hey Liz, Grab me a Frap on the way home! dad

1/12/2009 Cats  Alice was a dog person at one point but now she's learning the advantages of owning cats.  They are easy to keep and feed plus they enjoy each others company and get along so well not to mention not having to walk them every day.  Here is Alice and Garfield (top) the new Kitten Rocky (black) and our best cat Dwayne at the bottom.  More on the way? Perhaps.


1/1/2009 Happy New Year... Yeah, I know... It may be a tough one for everyone but you just gotta hope and pray that it all holds together... One day at a time people... and Yes I lost a lot of money in my 401k too so I feel your pain but now's the time to bend over, grab a shovel and get back to work!  Hang in there! jmh