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12/25/2006 The gifts have all been bought and opened and in some cases put away.  As usual we went way over budget but it was well worth it to see the smiling faces of our pets and family as they went through each and every gift with chortles of glee.  As for me I didn't get my 7x7 Rubiks cube but there's always next year.  Happy Holidays!

12/22/2006 For the past few weeks my family have been asking me what I want for Christmas and I have been saying things like clothes for work, and disposable razors and things to make me smell better, but what I really want are things that are almost impossible to find like this working model of a 7x7 Rubiks Cube. Happy Holidays!

11/30/2006 Helen had her 2nd swearing in and reception at the Trenton Masonic temple.  It was a night to remember for all who were lucky enough to attend.  Here is a picture of Helen and our cousin 2 Star General John MacLaren who came all the way from Washington to attend the event.


11/22/06 Thanksgiving We started out with a nice Thanksgiving dinner at home with Liz and the next day Alice and I got up and drove back up to Gloucester Mass for the weekend.  It was just the getaway we needed.  The weather was perfect for a New England weekend.  We drove around Cape Ann, dining and visiting places like Rockport and spent alot of time just enjoying the scenery like this.


11/15/2006 Garfield  Liz decided that she wanted to open up our house to rescue this cat from St Huberts so we all agreed and here he is.  His real name is Garfield but he's already been nicknamed 'Mr Badness', 'Duma' and 'The Boy'.  He's not ready for 'Head Pet' status yet but he's well on his way.


10/31/2006 Halloween Each year Alice asks me to take a picture of the Halloween decorations that her and Liz worked on, especially the way the plants outside were arranged.  Ok Alice, here's the picture!  That's Sugar in the foreground along the Liz and Alice on the steps.  Nice Plants dear!  Need any Help?

10/26/2006 Helen  By now everyone knows about my sister Helen and the fact that she in now a New Jersey Supreme Court Justice.  The court invited us to the official swearing in ceremony which was held in the actual coutroom where she will be serving. This is a picture from that ceremony of me, Helen, Alice and Bob.


10/5/2006 The Bat By popular demand here's the Bat... Nobody knows how he got in and I can still hear the screams but everybody remembers what happened next... Ok, I beaned him with the BB gun... But he's actually OK he's just a little disoriented.  We shooed him outside and the next day he was gone.  What a cute little fella!

9/30/06 Surprise! Jean kept the secret and delivered us safe and sound to my 50th birthday suprise party.  Back row left is brother Charles, Sister Helen, Helens husband Bob.  Front Row is brother Tom, Me, Mom and Tom's son Jeffrey.  It was a great time for me as the guest of honor which was made very special knowing that All my brothers, Sister and their familys were re-united for this event with me.  Not seen is this picture were Jean,Ronnie, Uncle Don, Charlies daughter Bonnie, her husband Jamie, Charlies wife Lorna, My daughter Liz with her friend Jamie, and yes my adoring wife Alice... And Tom's wife Karym with there other son Erick (of 'Release the Hoens' fame).  It was the best and only surprise party I have ever had.  Now I have to sit and write out my Thank You notes!  Thanks to Everyone!

9/7/2006 Dawn  This year Alice and I decided to spend our vacation money on a cruise north stopping at Martha's Vinyard, Halifax Canada, Bar Harbour Maine, Boston Mass, Newport RI and back to NYC.  Way too much to tell!  Here we are on the deck!

8/19/06 Phantom With Liz off Alice and I decided to see a broadway play.  I wanted to see this play since it first came our but I just couldn't get there.  The show was great and I am glad I finally got to see it. Hey... If you want to read all about it then take a  look at the Current Article...

8/17/2006 RoadTrip Here they are again. Liz and Jamie Toohey getting ready for another road trip.  This time they went to Ohio, Chicago Wisconsin, Nebraska, Missouri... Wow all over the place.  And you don't want to see what's on the back of the shirts either!

8/11/2006 100,000 That's correct.  My daughters 1997 Saturn just turned 100,000 miles with no signs of letting up.  A few years ago I traded my 2003 Civic to my daughter Liz for this wonderful example of good old U.S.A. technology.  She said she'de rather pay for the Civic and I said, "I didn't mind walking", so that's how the deal was made and today we're both still happy!

8/1/2006 -- Where's Liz???  Liz is currently not living at home.  She has a 'pad' in New Brunswick NJ with a whole crowd of 'Young Folks'... She shows up at home every week or so... Usually brings home the laundry for Alice to do and also leaves us notes and instructions about what she needs etc...  But look at this!  She is getting her own Oil Changes and working weekends at her new job.  The Job allows her to use her degree in Political science for getting out the vote.  But it's all working out well for her and us and thanks to all of you for asking!

7/9/2006 Alices Birthday!  Yeah this is a big one for Alice so Liz and I chipped in a bought her tickets to 'Wicked'.  We saw the show in NYC in the PM, then we picked up Jean for dinner at Carrabas. Happy Birthday! 

7/3/2006 Meatloaf Died...We knew that she was out of sorts for the past few days but in the end we decided it best to keep her at home and allow her to pass naturally to her reward.  She'll be remembered as the last of the stair kitties and the best head pet we ever had.  Please send cards and prayers.  The Hoens Family.

7/2/2006 Mohawk Jean and Ronnie wanted to have an early afternoon dinner at Lake Mohawk so we got in the car and headed out.  I was unable to follow the directions and got us lost but we asked for directions and got back on track to enjoy a great afternoon of fun and relaxation. Here are the girls!

7/1/2006 Alice and Meatloaf  Our cat 'Meatloaf' came to us years ago.  Alice was the one to find her in the shed where she had wandered in from the deadend that we lived on.  We tried to find the owner but no one came forward to claim her so we added her to the growing group of animals in the yard.  Over the years she came and went at will until we moved to 'The Cedars' and decided to just keep her indoors.  For the past year she's been stumbling around with poor vision and now we fear that the end is near.  Here is Alice with Meatloaf.

5/28/2006 CarClub This years car club rally was another beautiful day.  My back was acting up but I tried not to let that spoil the day for everyone else.  Ronnie was in rare form as the DJ and announcer.  After the show we all went back to Rons brother Franks house for dinner and talk.  Here are Alice with Jean showing off her blue VCCA shirt.

5/20/2006 Jewelry Alice loves parties and the latest craze is Jewelry parties.  She got lots of friends and family to attend and we got a big turnout from Liz's friends pictured here from left to right Kristin,Liz, Nicole, Katie, Jamie Toohey and Katie Burdett.  The party was a big success!

5/14/2006 -- Mothers Day! In the morning I was worried but my cell phone stopped ringing long enough for us to stick to the plan to have an early buffet style Lunch/Dinner at the Olde Mill Inn in Basking Ridge. They had everything you could want from omelets to lobster tails.  What a treat.  After we ate we went back to Jean and Ronnies house to hang out, talk and just enjoy the rest of the day.  Here is a picture of Alice and Jean (the two moms), me and Ronnie, and yeah we brought the kids pictured below.

5/14/2006 What would Mothers Day be without the kids--- our children?  Here are Lauren Marciano, Our Daughter Liz and Paul Marciano sharing a great dinner with us a the Olde Mill Inn.

4/30/2006 Erins Here we are in Randolph NJ at the site of Erins new house!  And Yes I am still a little jealous that she has a two car garage now and I never had one but that's life and good for them.  We are all very excited for Erin and her family  as Alice herself nods with approval in this picture.

4/16/2006 Easter  This is Me,Alice Liz and my Mom all out at Rods in Convent Station sharing a relaxing Easter dinner together.  It gave us a chance to eat out instead of cooking at home which everyone seemed to really appreciate.

4/1/2006 -- What a great day it was!  Since it was a little chilly, I couldn't walk too far away, so I just enjoyed the day hanging out across the street... For me these first days of spring are truly inspirational times.  I get to walk and listen to my tunes and smell the air... Ok truth be known I walked on the golf course and must have been spotted by someone so it was really my fault after all.  Hey.. why not go ahead and read the Current Article...  for the whole story.

3/28/2006 That's a Big Kitty!  That's a really really big kitty... Hi Big kitty!  Well I thought that I would never see this kitty again but as luck would have it one of the guys from work snapped this photo and sent it around for us to enjoy.  This is the cat that I got a chance to pet and handle while we were in Florida this winter.  I never in my life ever got a chance to get near a cat like this one so I easily gave up the $10 dollars to sit with her for 5 minutes and for me it was a life altering experience.  They said it was a Florida Panther but I think it's a mountain lion. I love you Kitty!

3/17/2006 St Patty's Day! Alice and I begin thinking about St Pattys day right after Valentines day... Well after Ash Wednesday when we all give up something for Lent.  And Alice... Being of Irish desent she really takes the day and the whole weekend very seriously.  This year we (Alice) decorated the house and She wore green to work most of the week to impress her friends and co-workers.  Then on Saturday night we got together with Jean and Ronnie and had dinner at Gintys in Meyersville. What a Blast!

2/19/2006 -- This is my new favorite show on TV.  Even Alice likes it.  We watch it every Friday night at 8PM on CH2.  Check it out and let me know! JMH

2/14/2006 Valentines Day!Each year we like to take some time to go and get each other nice gifts to celebrate this great day of Love for Lovers.  And so it was again this year that we exchanged our thoughtful gifts.  I am a big fan of chocolate as are most people.  Alice on the other hand is a big fan of pricey jewelry and the like.  So it was with a bit of trepidation that I came home a little early to give her this nice present from the heart.  Look at her reaction!

2/11/2006 The car club dinner dance was a real blast again this year.  And just like past years we sat around talking about how much fun we had at the Franklin Lakes show and the up coming years events.  Here's Jean and Ronnie talking to Alice at our dinner table.

1/20/2006 We thought Aunt Beck would make it to 100 but she was a little short huh?  She had a good long life and spent the past few years living with Mom before moving to a nursing home for the last few months.  We'll all miss her.

1/1/2006 Happy New Year  We started out at Willies Tavern for a nice dinner.  I had the Prime rib -- what else.  After Dinner we headed out to the Golf Club in The Hills where there was a band and dancing and some free champagne to ring in the New Year.  Here is Alice enjoying a cocktail with our friends Jean and Ron Marciano.