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12/25/2007 Here we are again as usual on Christmas morning opening all the gifts that Liz and Alice took so much time to prepare.  I finally got all 9 seasons of the X-files which was all I really wanted but they gave me a few other things like clothes for work and candy.  In the afternoon we went to Jean and Ronnies for dinner.

11/23/2007 Saturn goes Bye-Bye. Yes, the 1997 Saturn served us well over the years. First for Alice, then for Liz and finally for me. With over 100 thousand miles on it I felt I got my moneys worth but looking at a $2500 dollar blown head gasket was more than I could take so we 'donated' it And now it's on to Honda for a Fit.

10/28/2007 Liz gets Baptized. As I told her for years the only way to get baptized was to do it as an adult and here she is with Pastor Tim of the LiquidChurch in final preparation for her re-birth. She was there for me when I did it so it was fitting that I could be with her on this special day. Go Liz!

10/25/2007 My brother Charles as District Grand Deputy. We were all there to see this special ceremony for my brother. I know that we were all very proud of his accomplishment and was a little sorry that Dad could not be with us to share this moment with him. This was Charlies night and he did a great job up there.

10/13/2003 Mom & Dad ----Farewell no more I tread your ground, No more I need the Gospel sound, My feet have reach'ed the heavenly shore, I know no imperfections more. Let friends no more my sufferings mourn, Nor view my relicks with concern, Or cause to drop the pitying tear, I've past beyond the reach of fear. Through tribulation sharp and long, I'm brought to join the sinless throng, Glory to God for every woe, For every pain I felt below. All glory to the lamb of God, My robes are spotless through his blood, Tis through his free and sovereign grace, I now behold his blissful face. For Jack & Alice McGinley

9/30/2007 Garfield Again... What loyalty this is huh? Waiting patiently in Alices typing chair for her to return. And she'll be back real soon I'm sure but I just wanted a picture to commemorate how this cat really feels about Alice.

9/29/2007 Garage Sale. Each year Liz will insist that we schlepp all our stuff to the Club House in the Cedars and sell it. We go along and pitch in where we can. This year the weather was perfect without a cloud in the shy which helped Liz earn over $140 dollars!

9/14/2007 Fall Decorations are out already even though with Global Warming the temperatures are still in the nintys. Even so, we like to get a jump on things as we look forward to the next few weeks of Fall weather kicing in. I still need to hook up the wire to the pumpkin so it can glow in the dark --probably today.

8/6/2007 Sullivan While Liz was entertaining the book club the Sullivans were renewing their vows. We were all invited to witness the event then party the afternoon away. Here's Alice with Karen Sullivan and Karen Bates. Great Party!

8/5/2007 BookClub Liz is the founder of a book club that meets each month in a different place. This month Liz had all the girls to our place for some Champagne and munchies while discussing the book of the Month.

7/15/2007 Garfield This is Mommys boy Garfield who has been with us for a while now. Actually Liz brought him home from St Huberts but he seems to spend alot of time with Alice. They have bonded really well and I think Alice is becoming a bit of a cat person as a result. Here they are relaxing together after he ate a big can of cat food!

6/17/2007 Cruise The Cruise is over. Eleven days of cruising and fun traveling to warm southern waters. What a great time we have and it's still going on now. We made it back to the pier in Bayonne safe and sound all ready for the ride home to Bask9ing Ridge!

6/16/2007 Cruise Alice and I will miss the champagne bar the most. We spent alot of time here meeting friends and waiting for show to begin. Here we are on the last night with a couple that we met from Ireland.

6/15/2007 Cruise This is the couple we ate with every night while on board. Dennis and Pam were from Rhode Island and were on cruise as a gift that Pam got from work after her retirement. We had lots of fun with them and they were nice enough to pose for pictures on the last nights out on the sea.

6/14/2007 Cruise San Juan Puerto Rico was hazy, hot and humid so it took us a while to get comfortable. The temperature was over 90 degrees but they had plenty of buildings with cool AC for us. We walked around the dock but then went back to the ship early for lunch.

6/13/2007 Cruise St Thomas was more like what I wanted. This American owned Island was perfect for me and one I'de like to return to. The roads were great, the beaches were wonderful and the people just let us alone to relax and enjoy. This is a shot of Alice above Meghans Cove where we later ate and swam.

6/12/2007 Cruise St Martaan was a bit different from what I expected. The island is divided in half... it's a long story and it doesn't matter in the end. Once the local people let us alone we got a chance to swim, relax and just enjoy the beach. Here's Alice sipping a glass of wine.

6/11/2007 Cruise Another day at sea as we continue to cruise south in our 11 day quest to reach the islands. We had the best weather we've ever had. Lots of deep blue skys with no rain in sight. Once the ship begins to move it gets very windy out there as you can see here with Alices hair a but mussed.

6/10/2007 Cruise This is the first time we've been back to Bermuda since we were married and gee it looks the same to me. The port was open even though it was a sunday. We didn't have enough time to jump on the Mopeds but it was nice to get off the ship and just walk around.

6/9/2007 Cruise This is formal night on the ship where everyone gets to dress up and they hand out lots of free champagne and we just party all night. It's a good time to see all the other couples dressed up and having fun in the dining room and around the ship. Here we are!

6/8/2007 Cruise Well, here we are in Bayonne New Jersey getting ready to depart on the whirlwind cruise of a lifetime! Well actually this is our 4th cruise in just as many years plus this time it's an 11 day journey to points south on the Explorer of the Seas. Ahhh... and what a grand ship she was! Alice is here having a cocktail before we depart.

5/27/2007 VCCA Car club show was held as usual on Memorial day weekend and this year was no exception as we met the boys from the club and hung out with Jean and Ron Marciano. After the show we were alll invited back to Rons brother Franks house for Pizza and beer. Here's Alice and Jean in their blue shirts.

5/12/2007 Jeffrey Peter Hoens -- 1st communion party. It was fun for us to see this event and be invited back to the house to celebrate with Jeffrey, Ryan, Erick and proud parents. He did a great job in the church as did the rest of the class. Alice and mom and I also saw uncle Don plus all/most of Karyms sisters and their brother. Here are Jeffrey & Liz.

5/8/2007 Liz at Grand Canyon. Liz is enjoying the dream of a lifetime. She raised over $4000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and is now hiking the Grand Canyon to bring awareness to this cause. If you want to donate click LizPage and your contribution will go directly to the cause. Liz, you're climbing mountains!

5/4/2007 Wally Schirra The brave Apollo 7 astronaut passed away today. This man, and the entire Apollo moon team lead directly to me and the work I do today. Curious? Even Wally looks stunned but you can read about it in CurrentArticle. Yes, these men were the real heros of my childhood...

4/22/2007 Baby Shower. Back in August 2005 Joe & Lisa Pellegrino got married and here's Alice getting ready to leave for the Baby Shower. She got them a few outfits and of course the signature J&J baby basket that we're now known for round the world. Alice & Jean and the girls had a great time!!!

4/17/2007 Let's Go Rangers!!! I saw over 400 Hockey Games with my dad but this one easily beat them all. Liz got the tickets from work and invited me to what turned out to be a 7-0 Rangers Shutout Victory over Atlanta complete with a Hat Trick and an Autograph by Jeff Beukeboom!!!

4/12/2007 Blue Ginger. Alice and I always spend the first few days after new years talking planning our annual trips. This year we decided to go back to Mass for another dinner at 'Mings'. While there we stopped for lunch in Rockport, Ate and Swam in the Hotel then spent the day in Gloucester. Here's Alice at the Shrine to the Seamen before heading to Dinner.

4/8/2007 Easter Sunday. Each year we look forward to the Easter celebration. It means that spring time is on the way with the bunnies jumping around the yard. Alice takes great pride is making sure that the house is decorated just so and we have plenty of candy to eat for weeks ahead of time. This year we spent over 70 dollars but who's counting. And look at the great big Basket the girls made just for me. Maybe I'll share? not a chance!!!

4/1/2007 Mommys Boy. He was brought to the family by Liz and now has joined the team. Garfield has been referred to as 'Mr Badness', 'Mr Ramirez' and 'G' but now his new nickname is 'Mommys Boy'. Even though I feed him a Can of food per day his heart is with Alice who's had the biggest effect on him so far.

3/26/2007 SCBA Event. OK, I am not a great picture taker but this was the only one that came out. It's a picture of Liz watching her Aunt Helen giving the key note speech at an event that was held in her honor. The Somerset County Bar Association gave her a wonderful party to remember!

2/10/2007 CarClub Party! Here we are at this years VCCA car club party which we attend annually with Jean and Ron Marciano. Basicly the event is a Valentines present to our wives for putting up with us for another year and time to discuss the new years events. Here is me and Alice holding my new 1970 Chevelle 454!

1/1/2007 Happy New Year!!! And here they are all smiles and giggles raising a glass once again to toast the new year. This year we were at Jean and Ronnies for the New Years Eve party but we spend the next day relaxing and entertaining my mother. Let's hope it's a great 2007 for everyone!