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12/31/2008 New Years Eve!  From left, Paul Marciano, Jean,Ryan(friend of Lauren), Ron in back Lauren in front then Alice and Frank on the right talking to Paul... Hey guys, I'm trying to take a picture here!  Liz was at a party with Katie and Frank Junior was feeling a little ill... Happy New Year 2009!

12/25/2008 Christmas... Let's see... We spent Christmas Eve with Tom and Karym at their house and saw all the kids etc. Then Helen and Mom decided to go on a cruise from Florida so they were gone... Then Jean and Ronnie weren't feeling too well so we hung out at home on Christmas day and went to LingLing for dinner.  We caught up with them on Saturday.  What else... And I finally got my 7x7x7 rubiks cube along with lots of clothes for work and stuff to make me smell better... Liz and Alice had a great time!!! And, it's always nice to be home for the holidays. JMH

12/15/2008 Liz, The Parthenon project is history.  I tried to keep it nice all these years but in the end you can't keep Sugar cubes and chocolate gold coins away from the barbarian hoards and their associated vermin and just like the real Parthenon in Athens all things come to an end... Even Dwayne can smell the mice!  I can always build another one! Dad...

11/27/2008 Thanks Giving Day!  Lauren, I know I promised you I wouldn't use this picture but it was the only one that turned out.  Hey we had a great time at your house for the holiday again this year.  Thank Jean, Ronnie, Paul, Ryan, Frank Sr and Frank Jr for listening to my jokes etc.  I guess we'll see you in a few weeks for Christmas day too!  Looking forward to seeing the Marciano family again!  JMH

11/13/2008 Vermont We planned this trip all year to see the fall colors of New England.  We stayed near Stowe Vermont for 3 days and took the time to drive further north to the border of Canada.  Here is a picture of Alice on the coast of Lake Champlain looking for 'Champ' the native lake monster.

10/10/2008 Cape May.  Well it was supposed to be a trip to the Outer Banks OBX of NC but I wasn't feeling the love so Alice suggested we spend a few days in Cape May.  The weather was great and we spent 3 days swimming, walking and planning our next trip to Vermont!

9/27/2008 Notre Dame!!!  Just look at the big smile on this mans face.  That's the look of a man who has just finished yet another item on his life time list of 'Things to do'. My father in law got me hooked on Notre Dame back when I started dating Alice.  He was full of reverence for both the school and the Football team.  He passed away in 1992 and I always promised myelf that I would eventually get to see the school... I just had no clue how... and then a Miracle happened.  Brother Tom's son Ryan became a Student in the PHD program at Notre Dame and the rest is history.  Read all about it in the Current Article!  JMH

9/20/2008 Happy Birthday Liz!!!  Now at 25 years old, Liz is joined by her closest friends to celebrate this latest milestone in her life.  Let's see, there's Katie, Jamie, Jessie, Koffi, Liz, JP, Kristin and Shannon.  A lot of fun was had by all and Liz donated her gifts to CharityWater.org 

9/15/2008 This was supposed to be our new cat Dora but he turned out to be Dwayne!  Oh well, go figure.  The girls must have made a mistake huh?  But he looks comfy and has become a real asset to the house!  He's mommys new Boy!

9/5/2008 Bikes!!! Paul, believe me there's no engine made that I can't get running.  I'll admit this looks a little bad right now but give me a few minutes and I'll have this bike humming like mad.  Come on over with Ronnie and we'll all ride together.  I love to ride in the fall so let's get going soon!  JMH

8/22/2008 RB/DE Is the week over already?  It went fast but not so fast that we didn't have time to plan our next trip to Cape May in the fall.  We wanted to go to the Outer Banks NC but that just won't happen until next year.  The Boardwalk Plaza hotel has a 3 Star restaurant where we enjoyed breakfast before leaving for home.

8/21/2008 RB/DE Already Thursday and we're off to the outlets on route 1.  We spent part of the day shopping then coming back for more sun and swimming.  We also liked to order lunch and drinks by the pool while planning what restaurant to go for dinner.  Here's Alice all set to go!

8/20/2008 RB/DE Wednesday morning sitting on our balcony overlooking the ocean and street below.  Alice finally looks relaxed in her new blue coverup sitting happily and planning the day with me.  We spent the day lounging around by the pool, at the beach wading in the ocean and later, walking on the boardwalk.

8/19/2008 RB/DE With another perfect blue sky we decided to take a walk into town together.  I usually get up early and walk into town for a Jungle Java but this time Alice decided to join me and stopped along the way to admire this cute house.  After the walk we went back to the hotel and went to the beach for some sun.

8/18/2008 RB/DE We're settled in the luxury suite at the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel in Rehoboth Beach on the second floor... Ok we still havn't made it up to the 4th floor where all the really super cool people are but maybe next time huh?  Here we are on the porch swing looking at the people passing on the boardwalk after a relaxing swim in the pool.

8/17/2008 RB/DE This year we decided to go back once again to Rehoboth Beach Delaware for our August vacation.  The trip for us takes us down the Garden State Parkway to Cape May where we take the CapeMay to Lewes ferry.  Here is a picture of Alice waiting at the dock for her ship to come in!  Lots more pics to follow!

8/2/2008 Liquid Church took over the green this week end in Morristown.  Here is Liz in her new blue volunteer shirt as team leader and our friend Jean Marciano who was there with me and Alice and her son Paul in support of Liz and Liquid.  Go Volunteers!

7/29/2008 Alice likes lots of pictures of the family.  In particular pics of the cats.  The big brown and white cat is Garfield and the little black and white is Dora.  We call Dora the Kitten or Missy and she's a real trouble maker but has lots of possibilities as future 'head pet' material.  The cats seem to get along very well.  Lots of chasing and running through the house creating huge clowds of fur for Alice to vacuum up but she enjoys the cats so much that the extra work is OK.

7/9/2008 Alice's Birthday.  Alice has been with me for many years now as loyal wife, mom to Liz, and lover of animals. Our paths crossed many times over the years until we finally got together as a couple and never looked back.  This year I finally decided to write it all down for every one to read about and enjoy in the Current Article named "There's 'That Girl' Again!!!" I selected this picture since it is the last know color photo of Alice in her 8th grade graduation robe the summer before she ran into johnhoens! Happy Birthday Alice!

7/4/2008 July 4th For us it was a normal 4th of July although Alice has been upset in recent years since they cancelled the fireworks in town which we used to be able to see from our front lawn and invited all our friends for a party.  I think Jean and Ronnie knew Alice was upset because they stopped on their recent trip to Mass and bought us these dolls of John and Abigail Adams!

6/14/2008 EAFG The guys had been planning this trip for over a year.  Ron (left) and Paul (right) needed to get their paperwork in order and dues paid but here we are finally at our gun club at Easton Fish and Game in Easton PA for some target practice.  Later we reviewed targets and started planning the next trip for the Fall.

6/7/2008 Bonnie Brae Scottish Games.  This year at the games, Alice and I decided to renew our vows.  Jean was there to officiate and Paul looked on as we once again dedicated ourselves to each other.  Here is a picture of our matching silver rings that we bought and placed on each others hands.  How romantic!!

6/7/2008 Bonnie Brae Scottish Games.  We go every year to the games and spend the day in the sun watching the bands and teams compete.  This year Jean and Paul decided to come with us.  Here is a picture of Alice & Jean -- the 'A-team' and the 'J-Team' sitting in the sun before we all paid the 10 dollars to sit in the tent in the shade!

6/1/2008 Dora Arrives!  Well after our dog Sugar passed away I suspected we would be getting a new pet. The deal I made was... If you forget about the dogs then we can get nine more cats... So here is Dora who we got from Alices friend Gretchen at work. So far she's been great... Actually we think it's a 'she' but the jury is still out on that one and I really can't tell so I guess we need to wait a few more months and then take another look?  At any rate she's fitting in really well and I hope she has a great life with us!

5/26/2008 Niagara Falls!!! As part of the package we got a bus pass that took us on a loop of the falls area and brought us to a long road where we could see everything.  The falls is broken in two parts separated by land.  Here is a picture of Alice in front of the American side of the falls.  Look at that perfect blue sky!  What a weekend!  jmh

5/25/2008 Niagara Falls!!! This is a view of the falls from our 8th floor room in the Radisson Hotel on the Canadian side of the border.  As you can see the view is breathtaking and we enjoyed this view all weekend long with perfect blue skys and way too much happening to mention here.  What a view!

5/24/2008 Niagara Falls!!! Liz bought us a special gift for our 25th wedding anniversary this year.  It was an all expense paid trip to Niagara Falls!  We stayed in the Hotel Radisson on the Canadian side with a perfect view of Horseshoe falls.  Here is Alice enjoying the hut tub in the room with a glass of champagne!

5/25/2008 Liquid Church  Sundays 9,11,4, 6 at Morristown Hyatt.  Join Us on Sundays!!!

5/21/2008 Happy Anniversary to John and Alice who are celebrating 25 years as a happy married couple.  We went out to dinner at 'The Store' in Basking Ridge then came home to exchange gifts.  Alice got some pearl jewelry and I got some clothes for work.  And Liz gave us a trip to Niagra Falls this WeekEnd!  Smile Alice!  That's a $500 dollar gift card you're holding!

5/11/2008 Our friend Nancy Nelson appeared live and unplugged at Shanghai Jazz this weekend for Mothers day so of course we all went to enjoy first class asian cuisine and hear her sing.  Here are Alice and Elizabeth after the show with me in the wings as the Designated Driver.  Happy Mothers Day to all!

5/3/2008 Morris Town Hyatt.  This weekend Liz decided to throw another Kegger to raise money for her annual hike for Leukemia so Alice and I got thrown out of the house... Ok, so we booked a room in good old Motown and spent the weekend watching movies, eating out and then attended our church Liquid down stairs in the Hotel. What a Great time!

4/19/2008 Home at last!  We had a great week cruising to the islands and all points south of here.  We had more fun this time than ever before on the Norwegian Gem.  The boat is now heading out on a repositioning cruise to Europe.  Here is Alice resting on the bed with her best boyfriend Garfield working on laundry and catching up on the weeks fun!

4/18/2008 Wow!  Three meals a day with shows everynight and dancing in the Spinnaker Lounge till midnight.  It was tough keeping up with all the partying this time. Our last day at sea here we are sipping mimosas and finishing up our last breakfast.  What a cruise it was!

4/17/2008 "Sir, Can I take a shot of you and your wife?", asked the eager young man...  "Why Certainly, said I, How's my hair look?"  Nice...  So here is a shot of the Happy cruising couple celebrating their 25 years of Marriage as we leave Nassau behind and head  north to America.

4/16/2008 Here we are at Nassau in the Islands of the Bahamas.  We had to wait a few minutes to take this special picture since there was a line of other people all wanting the same shot.  In the background is our ship the Norwegian Gem.

4/15/2008 Well we had to skip the private island and head directly to Nassau in the Bahamas instead so Alice and I took some time to check out the prices in the Duty Free shop which is only open when we're at sea.  Although we didn't buy anything it's always fun to look.

4/14/2008 Finally docked in Florida at Cape Canaveral we got off the boat and enjoyed a whole day of sun on the famous Cocoa Beach -- The same beach the astronauts hang out on.  What a perfect day! We finally get some real sun.  Here is Alice enjoying herself wading on the beach.

4/13/2008 On the Cruise we had a day at sea as we headed south to Florida.  On our sea day the weather outside was a little windy but that was OK since there were plenty on things to do inside on the boat.  For instance here is a shot of Alice at the Wine Tasting class they held for us.  There were three whites two reds and by the time we were done it was back to the deck to enjoy the view.

4/12/2008 On board the Norwegian Gem and heading south under the Verrazano Narrows bridge.  Leaving NYC at 4:00PM is always the best part of the cruise and here is Alice enjoying the ride.  The wind is kicking up, next stop is Cape Canaveral Florida.  Let's get ready to Party!!!

4/11/2008 Friday night we're packing for our annual cruise to the islands and Alice is deciding if she can smuggle our loyal cat Garfield into a bag to come along with us.  In the end we left him home but here is Alice pondering this important decision.

3/8/2008 The Annual trip to Blue Ginger was very special indeed as our table was visited this time by owner and head chef Ming Tsai himself.  I'll admit I was a bit star struck but Ming made us feel welcomed and at ease as we enjoyed the best meal ever!

2/25/2008 Sugar Our Loyal Shelty pet for over 16 years passed away suddenly tonight in the arms of Alice and Elizabeth.  In the end she had been the best dog we ever had and we'll miss her very deeply.  I know how much she meant to many of you and we appreciate all your prayers.

2/14/2008 Happy Valentines Day to all my Angels!  And don't forget to read the new story.  I want to thank every one who helped inspire me over the years and have used several miracles to get me to this point in life.  The story started out as a retrospective but wound up being an exercise in egotism, What else! Write back and let me know what you think. I took this picture of an Angel at the Blue Army Shrine in Warren County New Jersey; a place where I go to be alone and think about all of you!

1/22/2008 NewCars How many guys do you know who can afford to buy two brand new cars?  Me neither which is why I lease them. In order to defeat the forces of darkness my girls 'A' and 'E' need the best equipment available.  Here is Alice with her new 2008 CRV and Elizabeth with her brand new 2008 Honda Fit.  

1/1/2008 Yes it's another Happy New Year from the Hoens family as this is the year we declare 'Victory'.  I know I will get alot of comments on what that means but for now let's just say that this will be a really big year for us!!!