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12/22/2010 This is Dwyane under the new Christmas tree waiting for santa.  As part of the celebration I decided to write a new story for the Website entitled "Some Assembly(s) Required" in memory of lots of things.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

11/25/2010 This Thanksgiving we had the Marcianos over to our house while their house was undergoing some renovations.  This picture was taken with my new Android Phone of Lauren Marciano (left) and daughter Liz (right). 

10/24/2010 Alice and I decided to take a ride up to New York State to visit the showroom of Orange County Choppers again.  It was Alices idea to take a ride in her new 2010 Honda CRV.  In this picture Alice is standing next to a bike called 'The Black Widow' by Paul Jr.  I wonder what she's thinkng?

9/4/2010 Liz has been a big fan of Cross Fit for a while.  They work together as a team, encouraging each other on fitness activities.  All in all it's a good thing to see Liz so excited about it.  She invited us recently to an outdoor event in Morristown (Our favorite big city) to see the whole team do their work outs.  She toughed it out and made daddy proud!

8/22/2010 I had never seen South Pacific until Alice performed in it with Trilogy Repertory a few years ago. There's nothing like the theater experience!  Alice kept hinting that there was a revival in NYC and so for her birthday I got her the tickets.  As luck would have it we were there for closing night but the final curtain never falls on South Pacific!

8/14/2010 What keeps drawing us back year after year to Gloucester Mass?  Well, it's still a working fishing town with a long history.  There are bars and places to walk.  The entire town is a set up so you can walk everywhere.  We had lunch on the warf.  We both had the lobster panini sandwich special -- how romantic!  And after the shopping was done we wandered down to the fishermans memorial to say a few prayers and pose for this picture!

8/13/2010 We love our annual trip to the Waltham Doubletree in Mass.  We spent today in Rockport, a favorite place of my grand mothers and our familys.  I can still remember Gram talking about how the place had changed from  fishing town to an artist colony, but you can still find boats and lobster pots that are still being used!

7/24/2010 Back to Morristown for the weekend.  This time we spent the week end watching movies, eating out and hanging around the hotel.  One of the movies was 'Salt' -- a story about Russian spies that were planted in the US back in the 50's and are now in high places in the government. We also saw Sorcerers Apprentice and Inception -- A great movie if you are a lucid dreamer!  Here's Alice!!!

5/30/2010 Orlando Airport is a nice place to be if you need to be waiting for a plane.  This time they had us off the ship by 9AM which is unheard of in cruising.  There just seemed to be less hassles with docking, customs, disembarkation etc. It all flowed so smoothly.  The Port where the ship docked was the best so far.  Here is Alice waiting for her plane to Newark and Home!

Saturday is another full day at sea where we have time to sit and relax as we plan our next move.  This time we spoke to a person from Royal Caribbean about another cruise next winter and we booked it! We'll leave from San Juan Puerto Rico and have a few more ports of call.  Here is Alice showing off her cruise wear!

5/28/2010 Friday we spent the day steaming back north, leaving the ports of call behind until the next time.  At this point in the cruise Alice is already thinking about home and her cats.  You can tell from this picture that she is happy knowing that we had a great time and thinking about the plane trip back home.  But for now, just relax.

5/27/2010 Today we made our triumphant return to the exact same beach on St Maarten where I picked up the bad juju last time... It's a long story but I 'dissed' a few of the locals and they put the whammy on me (and tried to burn my house down).  This time I brought plenty of cash and bought everything in sight!  I think it worked!

5/26/2010 Once at St. Thomas we went to Megan's Bay (or Megan's Cove) for another beach party.  At some point on most cruises we are dealing with weather so it was a little overcast but that didn't spoil our day.  Besides I got a little sunburn at cococay the other day so I was looking forward to some clouds.  Here are the happy cruisers!

5/25/2010 Tuesday was a day at sea as we headed south toward St. Thomas.  On the ship there is the main dining room, there is the Wind Jammer (a great buffet) and there are two specialty restaurants, Chops (a steak place) and Portofino (an italian flavor).  Here is Alice seated at Portofino, enjoying the dinner and showing off her tan!

5/24/2010 Cococay is a private island owned by Royal Caribbean and used as a cruise destination on several of their itineraries.  It is actually in Little Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas.  I am a big fan of beach parties so this was perfect for me to spend the day relaxing and enjoying the beach.  Here is Alice figuring out where to go!

5/23/2010 This year we decided to go on a second cruise!  We flew from Newark to Orlando Florida  (along with the mickey and minnie crowd) then headed to Port Canaveral to board Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas for ports South.  Here is Alice all ready to go as the big ship heads out to sea following the muster drill.  And away she goes!!!!

5/16/2010 Two years back Liz enrolled at Rutgers in a Masters degree program in Information and library sciences. I knew it would be a long program with lots of work but it paid off.  Here is Liz with her Yellow Hood on graduation day flanked by her proud parents, with BFF Jamie taking this picture.

4/10/2010 What do you do when things start to collapse around you?  Road Trip!!!  Alice and I spent the entire week end at our favorite hotel in Morristown.  The Hyatt sits in the middle of downtown with a mall, movie theaters and a pool.  Plus unlimited bars and restaurants within walking distance. So we ate, drank and watched movies!

4/1/2010 No this is not an April fools joke!  This is Alices new rug!  Ok, The old rug was getting worn and picked at by the cats and it was driving Alice crazy so here comes 'Doug' the rug guy and it's done.  What do you think of the pattern?  A little busy?  Well Alice and Rocky don't seem to care cause it feels good to lay about on!

3/20/2010 Mid Night Blue!  This bike is parked in the garage in front of where my wife and daughter park and it generally gets abused all winter long.  But each spring I go out early and see if it fires up.  I guess that new battery I bought last year was a good investment cause she fired right up.  I hosed her off and we're good to go!

2/10/2010 Ah, the snow falls.  This snow storm came at the right time.  I needed a reason to work from home and wasn't looking forward to shoveling out cars, but in the end I got motivated and grabbed my shovel.  We got about 18 inches but the road crews were on top of it and all was gone by the next day.  You need some snow each year!

2/9/2010 My grand mother was a big fan of crab meat and passed that along to me.  For 5 years I have watched Deadliest Catch on TV.  Today Captain Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie passed away leaving sons Jake and Josh to continue the business.  I will miss him and I pray for their family. This picture was borrowed from  the website of dailysellout.com

1/30/2010 Saturday night is our last night on this cruise and we got a chance to sit and have a few glasses of wine at our favorite wine bar Vintages.  It's times like this where we relax, talk about the trip, talk about home and talk about the next cruise.  With the mood just right and knowing that she's heading home Alice is Happy!

1/29/2010 Heading back north we get a few days at sea to sit and think about the ports we've seen and all the cool things we've done.  It's always nice to sit out on the balcony and just look at the ocean passing by.  I love this picture because Alice looks relaxed and content.  But there's still plenty to do today, three meals and partys to attend!

1/28/2010 On Thursday we pulled into the last port, Cozumel which is more built up than Costa Maya.  Once docked, Alice and I headed off for the day to the best beach party I have ever been to.  We're talk'in full open bar, pools, bands, changing rooms, beaches, you name it!  And as usual Alice found a friend to talk to in the pool!  What a great day!

1/27/2010 Belize is a country south of mexico as you head into central america.  This was the southern most destination of our journey.  It is both hot and tropical year round. The port is shallow so we were brought in on tenders; a challenging experience for Alice who is smiling once again on dry land!

1/26/2010 Costa Maya is a small southern port on the east coast of Mexico.  It has a port deep enough to handle large cruise ships and a cute sea side community of sandy beaches and open air markets.  After a short search, I found Alice here.  "Alice they only take cash, the ship card is no good!"  Ah, that's a look!!!

1/25/2010 Monday morning we arise to spectacular ocean views as seen from the balcony of our cabin.  On the ocean there's always weather to deal with but sometimes it's smooth sailing for days.  This picture best describes what I look forward to on the cruise.  The open ocean, big blue sky, and some white puffy clowds early in the morning!

1/24/2010 On Sunday morning we shared a free breakfast and then made our way to the Miami Cruise Ship terminal to meet our ship Royal Caribean Liberty of the Seas. I rated the terminal experience an 8 on the 1(low) 10(hi) scale.  Easy in, lines moved, lots of AC, bathrooms etc. Once on Board, the ship turned and headed to ports south!!!!!!

1/23/2010 After making our way to Newark Airport (Via Liz) and flying to Miami we arrived at our Hotel for our saturday night stay over.  Our hotel was within viewing distance of the cruise ship terminal.  That night we had a nice dinner in the hotel and enjoyed our view from the 27th floor.  The next day it was breakfast then a taxi to the ship!

1/22/2010 This year we packed up early and took a winter vacation to Maimi, Costa Maya, Belize, Cozumel and home.  We decided to leave a day early to beat the weather in case we got snowed in.  Friday Night we're all set to go!!!!!