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12/31/2011 New Years Eve

12/25/2011 Christmas

11/25/2011 Turkey Day

11/20/2011 Sun Canaveral

11/19/2011 Sat Cruising

11/18/2011 Fri Cozumel

11/17/2011 Thu Caymans

11/16/2011 Wed Jamaica

11/15/2011 Tuesday Labadee Haiti

11/14/2011 Monday Day at Sea.

11/13/2011 Port Canaveral

9/24/2011 The General

9/23/2011 The General

9/4/2011 Salem  The Salem Waterfront Hotel was built a few years ago and filled in the gap for people who wanted to visit Salem and also stay down town in a new comfortable place.  We had just about everything we wanted from a pool to a restaurant to a great view of the town.  I will recommend this place to everyone and be back soon!

9/3/2011 Salem Back in Salem we spent the day walking around to all our favorite spots.  There are shops and grave yards, all kinds of places to see and enjoy.  At one point Alice and I spent a few hours apart while I scoped out some things that I had heard of but not seen like this tribute to Elizabeth Montgomery.

9/2/2011 RockPort No trip to Cape Ann would be complete without a side trip to Rockport Mass to the spots where my grand parents roamed and vacationed back in the 20's and 30's and although it's hard to imagine them driving all that way in the fliver, Alice and I have no problem making the annual trek to Roy Moores!

9/1/2011 Salem Every year we make a trip to Cape Ann Mass for at least a few days. This time we decided to spend a few nights in Salem at the new Hotel downtown.  From this vantage point we could walk from the ocean views to the center of town and back.  Here is a shot of Alice on one of our walks at the House of the Seven Gables.

8/7/2011 LBI Long Beach Island is about 20 miles end to end.  We usually spend a day driving the length of the island to see all our old haunts.  Back in the 80's we used to rent a beach house for the week in Barnegat Light.  Here is a picture of the end of LBI with the light house in the distance.  It was a fun day and we'll be back soon.

8/6/2011 LBI The Engleside Inn had alot of great features including some nice views of the ocean.  You could walk the balconies around the entire hotel and see the pool deck too.  This is the area we had right outside our room to relax in before heading down to the pool and the ocean.  Alice loves her blue outfit too!

8/6/2011 LBI As a sign of respect to our friends who have left New Jersey, each year we try to spend at least a few days at the Jersey shore and this year we decided to go to LBI and stay here at the Engleside Inn in Beach Haven. We had a suite, pool, restaurant beach tags and way to much more to talk about!

8/1/2011 Given to me by my brother Tom, and with me for years is this picture entitled "The Citadel" by Boris Vallejo who is a fantasy artist of note.  I have many other examples of his work, mostly calendars.  In this picture is depicted an attractive woman in a powerful role leaving us to speculate what else was happening at the time and although there is no place in our house for artwork of this type there will always be a special place for her here in Cyber Space!  jmh

7/1/2011 In July on a beautiful day with Liz now working as the Maplewood Childrens librarian I decided to go back to the old neighbor hood and take some pictures.  This is our house on 350 North Wyoming avenue where we grew up as kids.  Still looks great and being well taken care of all these years later!


5/27/2011 Fri: Heading home after a week of fun and sun and partying etc.  Both Alice and I were able to check some items off the bucket list and have agreed that this is a place we're returning to maybe next year.  My advice is to go and try it but make sure you stay on the strip where the action is then just have a great time!  Viva Las Vegas!

5/26/2011 Thu:  A few years back the Mirage Hotel hosted a show by Segfried and Roy where eventually Roy was injured by one of the big cats named Montecore.  But at the hotel there is a lasting legacy to this show including a pool for dolphins and a large area for cats.  Here is a shot of Java the Leopard, my personal favorite.


5/25/2011 Wed: It's difficult to describe Rachel except to say that this is the place people go that can't go to any other places in the area and then we can all say we've been there.  Plus it gives us a chance to see the wide open spaces in Nevada.  They have an Inn and a gift shop and were very nice to us.Now I can cross this off the list.

5/24/2011 Tue: Today was Alices turn to set the agenda so it was about walking to the Hotels in the area like the Bellagio and the Venetian etc.  We also took a bus trip around the town which gave us an appreciation for the parts of Vegas not on the strip.  But here is Alice at her personal mecca, at the M&M world in Las Vegas.

5/23/2011 Mon: When we first began talking about the trip to Vegas I made up a mental list of the things I wanted to do.  So the first day and we rent a car and make the trip to the Hoover Dam.  I have seen many TV shows about how they built this place but you really need to be here to appreciate it all.  Here we are at the Hoover Dam!

5/22/2011 Sun: This morning they sent us a wake up call and got us up.  They shuttled us over to the airport and we got on an early flight to Las Vegas which is about 5 hours in the air plus a three hour time zone change.  And here we are at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada looking out the window and planning the day.

5/21/2011 Sat: Here we are at the Courtyard Marriot at Newark Airport using the Park and Fly program.  You get to park your car for the week, stay over in the hotel and then they shuttle you to the Airport and back.  It's a good deal and then you don't need to call in favors to get people to do the drop off and pick up.  It just works out good!

1/30/2011 Sun Back in San Juan where we started.  San Juan Puerto Rico is one of my favorite ports.  Lots to see and visit here with a feeling of being home already.  The boat docked very early and they had us of and at the airport by 11AM which is great by mst standards.  All in all another perfect winter vacation.

1/29/2011 Sat Here we are on the best day weather wise of the entire cruise in the port of St Croix.  We didn't do a beach trip this time but we got off the ship and walked around the cute little town.  The water is warm and clear.  Here is a shot of Alice with the mighty ship in the background as we take a break from shopping.

1/28/2011 Fri we arrive at the island of St. Maarten which is really two countrys.  We dock on the Dutch side and we party over on the French side on Orient Bay.  This picture was taken right after Alice told me that I would not be allowed to stoll the beach in my birthday suit. So I bought a hat and met the bartender!

1/27/2011 Thu in Antigua St. John was another beach day for us.  This was the best beach day since we were bused to a resort that had lots of cool things happening.  For instance they also offered a fresh water pool in addition to the wide sandy beach seen in this picture plus free rum punch all day long... What a day!!!

1/26/2011 Wed. in St. Lucia was probably the prettiest port I've ever seen.  The ship docks in a cove that wraps around the boat with views on all sides... Way too many pictures to show but believe me I took plenty.  We got off the ship and walked around in the cute town for a few hours before reboarding and relaxing at the pool.

1/25/2011 Tuesday and we're in port in Barbados.  The reason we took this trip was that it was in the winter so the sun was bearable for me but this cruise itinerary offered lots of ports that we've never been to.  The first port was Barbados known for their local beer 'Banks Beer'.  Although it started out rainy the sun came out on the beach!

1/24/2011 One of the things we love about Royal Caribbean is the formal nights.  Although these nights have inspired many a discussion... generally about what I am wearing, we can always be counted on to go since they give us unlimited FREE champaigne.  Here is the happy cruising couple on formal night!

1/23/2011 Each cruise has a day or two called 'sea days' where the ship just cruises along.  This time we were heading south to our first port of Barbados then island hopping the way back north.  Sounds like a plan.  On the day at sea we just relaxed and ate three meals a day with shows etc.  Here's alice at dinner!

1/22/2011 After a safe plane trip from Newark Airport we landed in San Juan Puerto Rico.  We decided to spend a night in San Juan before heading out to sea on the cruise.  The Hotel we stayed at is called 'La Concha'.  It has 3 pools, restaurants, beach access and great views of the city.  Here's Alice relaxing by the pool!

1/21/2011 We're all set to thread the needle between two snowstorms and head to San Juan Puerto Rico to begin our winter cruise.  This time since Liz was traveling to Las Vegas on the same week, we decided to try the Park and Fly program at the Newark Airport Marriot hotel.  Here's Alice checking the weather.

1/1/2011 New Years Eve!  This picture was taken with my Droid phone on New Years Eve while Liz was at home having a party.  Alice and I enjoyed the night in Morristown talking about our up coming cruise from San Juan!