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12/25/2005 Christmas!!! This year my mother had us over earlier in December to celebrate the holiday.  She wants us to spend less on gifts and more on getting together.  My brother Tom and sister Helen were there with along with Charlies daughters. On Christmas eve we were at home relaxing and wrapping gifts.  Christmas Day we got up and exchanged gifts, then it was off to Jean and Ronnies (pictured here) for a traditional Christmas Dinner.  Merry Christmas!!!

11/24/2005 Thanksgiving!! This year we are invited to spend Thanksgiving Holiday with Erin and Peter. It will be a chance to see Karen, Joe and the boys and catch up on things.  This is the first year in a long time that we didn't cook our own turkey but like a lot of things you sometimes have to let go and move in a different direction.  This year let's be there as the young crowd begins their own traditions.  Enjoy!

11/17/2005 -- GoodBye 450... Over the objections of my parents I bought this bike in 1978 to ride back and forth to Seton Hall since the parking was so bad there.  Over the years my mom took care of it moving it from house to house for me.  Now that she's downsizing I decided it was best to sell it to a Honda fan that I met at the inspection station.  As a final tribute I drove her myself to his house in it's last ride to its new home. What a treat... I'll miss her...

11/12/2005 -- We live off Valley Road in Basking Ridge which is Route 512 in Somerset county.  This road winds around through Far Hills through Peapack Gladstone then on through Pottersville and into Hunterdon county.  Now... this is the type of road that I love to ride my bike on since the roads are pretty and the speeds are lower than the interstate highways.  I usually get the riding bug in the summer which continues late into the fall of each season.  I have a few friends that ride and once in a while I've joined up with other bikers on the road or at the inspection station to share stories and enjoy our unique hobby together.  Most of the time though I am a loner on the highway who is just out there to enjoy the wind in my ears, the feel of the road, and the bugs in my teeth.  Enjoy the Story!  Ride On!

11/11/2005 Here it is... The 'Musky' river between Hunterdon and Warren... Read the Story GoodBye 512 and GoodNight.

11/1/2005 This is where our daughter Liz has been working for the past few weeks P&P as debt collection counsellor.  For her it's the first step in the working world and she's really getting into it!  So if you need advice on how to payoff those credit cards give her a call!

10/27/2005 -- We grew up in the same neighborhood, went to church together in Elizabeth, and went on to be members of the Pershing Rifles at Seton Hall in South Orange.  Like my father, he joined TheMasons and has gone to many levels with them. So it was fitting that my mother, brothers and I were there at the reception for my friend Warren C. Gerber Jr, newly installed Grand Chaplain; the same post that my father once held.  Here we are together!

9/27/2005 Ethicon Solutions Delivery Cruise.  I almost never write about work related things on this website but this time we had so much fun that I couldn't resist.  In the morning we had a short meeting to talk about where the team was heading and then we all got on a bus and headed for New York City.  Once there we found the boat on the pier and made ourselves at home.  I had never been on a cruise around New York Harbour so for me this was a real treat.  The boat headed north on the river to the George Washington Bridge then turned around and headed south around the tip on Manhatten.  We went under The Brooklyn Bridge and Manhatten Bridge and were just about at the 59th Street Bridge when we headed for home.  This picture was provided by my friend Steve Delia.

9/20/2005 Liz Birthday  September is the month of the Virgos which have always been my favorite sign.  Why?  I don't know except to say they're just interestingly complicated.  A while back Liz won an auction for a dinner at TheManor in West Orange and since we never used it we gave it back to Liz for her to enjoy a special dinner out.  Here she is with her friend Neil who shared the evening with her.

9/17/2005 Jack & Ryans Birthday party.  Both of the boys have September birthdays so this year Erin and Pete had their partys together.  It was a fun time.  There were lots of kids and neighbors and too many pictures to show them all.  I had fun seeing all the family members and catching up on things.  It's hard to believe that Ryan (Pictured here with Alice) is already one year old!

9/8/2005 2000Hits! It's been over a year now and another huge milestone has been reached!  Let's keep up the good work and don't forget to sign the GuestBook.  JMH

9/4/2005 -- RockportMass  My grandmother always talked about the great times she had up in Rockport Mass.  She would talk about the round rocks and the unique geology of the area.  Well Alice and I decided to spend the LaborDay weekend at the AddisonChoate B&B to get a feel of how it was to stay and live in that area.  We went to Gloucester a few times.  They have a very extensive working seaport full of ships of all kinds.  We also did some hiking here in HalibutPoint state park and enjoyed this Quarry which is now a lake overlooking the Ocean in the distance.  Great Weekend!

9/2/2005 OCC On the way to Mass we stopped off at OCC again to pick up a few T-shirts.  We saw all the bikes including the 'Fire Bike' and the POW bike. Alice asked me to take this picture of her with some real bikers so I obliged.  Here are Paul Jr, Alice and Paul Sr.

9/1/2004 My2Babys 1983 was a good year.  That's the year Liz was born and also was born the Legendary V65 Magna from Honda.  As a new dad I decided it was better to raise Liz and leave the bike alone but now, as an old man, I can have both. And here they are together, my old baby Liz and my new baby Midnight Blue.  Vintage 1983. What a year it was!

8/20/2005 1995 CBR600F3  Paul Marciano had been talking with me about this bike for weeks and here it is.  After letting me drive it once around the block, he and I jumped on both the bikes for a ride around the neighborhood.  I got out the old CB450 just for this special event.  What great time we had!  It's going to be a great fall this year huh?   

8/6/2005 -- Lisa and Joe Pellegrino  Were married today in Saint Ann's Church in Raritan NJ, and what a wonderful ceremony mass it was!  The weather was perfect for an afternoon wedding giving the Bridal party plenty of time for pictures in the afternoon before heading to the reception at Primavera Regency in Sterling.  At the reception we were able to stop dancing long enough to enjoy a perfect dinner.  I had the Prime Rib but there were several other selections that our table enjoyed.  We sat with Jean and Ron Marcianno,  of course along with the Bramels whose daughter Amy is married to Joe's brother Michael.  Here are Joe's parents Joan and Tony Pellegrino who helped us dance the night away!

7/23/2005-The Fantasticks! This year Trilogy put on this wonderful play for us.  It's a play about neighbors, sons, daughters and life.  And who better to share it with than our neighbor Jill(left) Alice, Jean And Ronnie.  Liz was with us too and we were treated to some special performances by Jay Barre and the Cast.

7/12/2005 - Liz & Katies RoadTrip! This trip was a long time in planning.  Ever since I told Liz about my various road trips over the years she's been planningto get outand see America.  Unlike me she had a good plan and a good friend to share it with (Katie Burdett).  Liz and Katie go way back to Pop Warner cheer leading days and so according to plan Katie showed up with her Jeep and off they went.  They swung by West VA to Tennesee to New Orleans then across to Florida where they swam withthe Manatees.  from there it was up the coast and home.  My job was to sit at home and record episodes of 'Big Brother'.

7/4/2005 -- 4th of July 2005!  This year we really didn't know what to tell our guests about the annual fireworks show put on by the town.  We know they had a rain date and we kept calling to see if they were go or no-go... In the end they lit off the fire works in the rain.  It felt a little lonely standing outside with my umbrella in the pouring rain watching the display while everybody was inside... Ooops...  There's always next year!  Happy 4th!

6/26/2005 -- HomeComing -- It was a nice cruise, that Alice and I both really enjoyed, but we always look forward to coming home.  We love our house and family and pets and after seven fun filled days... we're packed and ready to go.  This is a picture of Alice watching the ship from the upper deck make its way into New York Harbour.  Today there wasn't a cloud in the sky and we both stood there for an hour enjoying the trip all the way to the dock as we discussed the next cruise!

6/23/2005 Cagneys -- We spent a day in Miami and a day on a private island owned by NCL but I really enjoyed the FreeStyle dining experience.  There are no set times to eat and you can walk in and get a table for two just about anytime.  Some of the better places had cover charges and special menus; TexMex,French, Asian, and here is the Happy couple at Cagneys... the best Steak place on the Ship!

6/21/2005 -- Cape Canaveral We spent the entire day monday at sea, traveling down the coast towards Florida.  Most of that time was spent eating 3 square meals, enjoying the health spa and pools, and getting the lay of the land so to speak.  On Tuesday we docked in Port Canaveral and headed off on our shore trip to  KennedySpaceCenter When we planned the cruise the thing that sold me was this particular trip.  The NASA people gave us a full day tour of the center and all the grounds.  Again there's way too much to tell.  They spent alot of time talking about the Shuttle program and then they spent lots of time on the Apollo missons (to the Moon).  But when it was all over I found my way over to the memorial wall to pay my respects to the men and women who have died during the program including my personal hero -- Virgil Ivan Grissom -- Gus...

6/19/2005 -- Off to Florida & Bahamas And we're off on the NorwegianDawn for a 7 day cruise to Florida and Bahamas.  The good thing about leaving from NYC is the great views of the Harbour.  I am always amazed at how may people on the boat stand on the right side of the ship while it's heading south to catch a glimpse of this Icon Of Americana.  Once I had snapped this picture I gave up my place on the rail to another couple who had waited patiently behind me... Besides I wanted to get setup for the Verrazano Narrows Bridge which was coming next as we headed south.  There is too much to tell and too many pictures for the website... While I was up on deck Alice was making dinner reservations and planning shore trips. Bon Voyage! 

6/11/2005 Cinderella Man -- This weekend has been more of the Hazy-Hot-Humid weather that we've been experiencing for the past two weeks.  The best thing to do on days like these is to stay inside and enjoy that A/C.  One of the nice things about our townhouse is that we can lower the thermostat and just let it run.  So when Jean and Ronnie suggested that we double date to a movie I thought... Hey... great idea!  They picked us up around 3PM or so and we headed to the Plaza in Morristown.  Jean and Alice had discussed all the movie choices and settled on CinderellaMan which is a story about a Boxer from the 1930's.  The movie was alot like 'Rocky' complete with some great costumes,scenery and vintage cars. And even though it may not unseat StarwarsEpisode3 it was nice to sit in a cool movie theater with friends.  After the show we dined at the FamishedFrog in Morristown.  I had the Buffalo Burger which really hit the spot... Ronnie... Thanks for Driving!

6/4/2005 The 2005 BonnieBrae   Scottish Games.  They got decent weather this year and they used the time wisely.  Here is one of the bag pipe bands that competed for the honors and bragging rights.  I spent most of the day with the bands but also took some time to walk around and enjoy the other games and events before walking home.

5/30/2005 Memorial Day The day after the Car Club rally we were invited over to Jean and Ronnies for a Bar-be-que and as a surprize we were treated to a ride in the 57 Chevy. People drove these machines when I was a baby... and after I got over the fact that there were no seatbelts back then I settled in and enjoyed the ride by Ron(driving) with me, Alice(back left), Liz (right) and Lauren Marciano in the back seat (center).

5/29/2005 -- Car Show This year we attended the 2005 Franklin Lakes Car Show and Flea Market byVCCA.  The event was mc'ed by Ron Marciano.  We've been talking about this show since the dinner dance in February and it was nice to see it come together.  The weather was perfect and we all had a fun time.  I even saw a copy of the '77 Corvette I once owned.  Nice car!  Here are Jean and Alice enjoying the sunny day!

5/14/2005 Garage Sale! Well actually it isn't really a garage sale.  You see, we live in The Cedars and each year we get to 'shlep' all our stuff down to the tennis courts, set it up, and sell it.  And it works out good for everyone since we price it so low that it will all be sold so we don't have to carry it back!  This year Liz and Alice made over $100 and had a great time.

5/9/2005 - GraduationDay! Liz, Today you joined the long line of graduates from Richard Stockton and what a great sight it was.  We're so proud of you!  Armed with your degree in Political Science and your Minor in Jewish Studies there's no stopping you now.  Today is your day and what a great day we had.  Not a cloud in the sky and the temps were perfect... Like a dream come true.  Here is Liz with her mom of course and Jean Marciano who spent the whole day enjoying this special event with our family.  Good luck Liz!

5/8/2005 Mothers Day!  Liz and I took Alice out for dinner to this JazzClub. Nancy Nelson, our friend was singing with her group.  It was great!  We all had a wonderful time and hope to go back soon.

5/5/2005 -- Liz!  Must have been some wild party.  How come you didn't invite me? Check these guys out and we'll see you soon. dad...

04/24/2005 -- Hey Liz!  Last week at RSC . We'll be there next week for graduation.  What's next?

4/20/2005 -- Norwegian Dawn -- Last year we took a cruise to Canada... As a matter of fact you can read about it in Home 2004 if you like.  This year we're going on a cruise south to the islands with a stop at Cape Canaveral to see the space ships and stuff...By the way, this is the same boat that just got hit with a 70 foot wave while at sea sooo... we're really looking forward to this in a few weeks.  Stay tuned for more action!

4/9/2005 -- Blue Ginger -- Why did we really drive all the way to Wellesley Mass???  Well, we have our favorite restaurant to visit one every year or so and though I've never seen Ming Tsai we've really enjoyed a few meals here.  This time I had the Rack of Lamb and Alice had the Lobster and we sat for two hours dining on and sharing course after course... What a Treat!  We're already thinking about the next trip.

4/8/2005 -- Salem Mass!!! This weekend was our annual weekend trip to Massachusetts.  We plan this trip in the winter when we're done with Christmas and thinking about spring.  On friday we set out around 8:00am and took 287 to 87N to 84E across the Hamilton Fish Bridge through Connecticut.  Once in Mass we skipped right up to Rockport and walked around town.  The weather was perfect!  While there we stopped at Roy Moore Lobster Co for one of his famous Lobster tails.  Alice and I sat there outside on his patio sharing it together.  Back at the DoubleTree we hit the hot tub and had dinner in the Hotel.  The following day -- Saturday we took off early and headed for Salem -- our special town.  Looks like Alice ran into an old friend here at one of the shops along the way.  What a beautiful work of art huh?   My two best friends in one nice shot...

4/4/2005 -- Pope John Paul II -- Forgive me father for I have Sinned...  What sins?  Well for starters I stole this picture off the internet.  My favorite story about Pope John Paul II was in 1979 when I was a student at SetonHall  University.  That year, my teachers Sisters Carolyn & Marilyn, from our computer department, were on a trip with others to the Vatican, the quest of which was to see if they could convince the church in Rome to fully cannonize our beloved Elizabeth Anne Seton.  You see, the big problem was that little known Mother Seton was having some problems stemming from her lack or publicity and noteriety.  In the final audience with this Pope, as the entourage from Seton Hall was being dismissed,  Carolyn turned to Marilyn and said, 'Someone should tell him that we're giving a diploma to John Hoens'.  Suddenly Pope John Paul II twirled around, fell to his knees, hands in the air and said.  'My God... It's a MIracle!'  Well that's how we always told it.  And Yes, I am sorry to see this man go.  He'll be missed.

4/1/2005 -- April First...  When I started this Website I promised everyone that it was going to be non political, non religious, real vanilla, non controvercial... In other words... Boring...  But every once in a while I like to slip in a bit of the old John.  I try not to do it too often but with spring coming I need to vent.  When I was a kid we sang songs like this one in school and when I hear it I think about the good old Days...

3/27/2005 -- Easter Sunday -- Each year we try to plan something special for Easter.  Last year, I had to leave for a business trip so this year we wanted to make up for it by doing something special as a family.  Liz was home for the weekend again so she and I caught up on some things including watching some back episodes of Survivor.  Then, on Saturday Alice and I spent the day food shopping and preparing for Sunday.  On Easter Sunday Alice, Liz and I all attended Church in the morning.  It was standing room only but we found a place to sit together at the back of the church.  In the afternoon Erin,Pete,Jack and Ryan came down for dinner.  This is a picture of Peter and his two sons in a quite moment before we all sat down to eat.  Happy Easter!

3/20/2005 - Liz Goes to San Diego Liz had busy week.  I drove her to Newark Airport last monday afternoon for her trip to San Diego California.  She was going with her friend Christin from Richard Stockton and they were guests of Christin's sister who lives out there.  While in California she had Tacos with one of her other friends from Circle K.  I've been to California a few times... Well it was back in the 70's which seems like yesterday.  Liz knew I was a big fan of Bruce Lee and while on a side trip to Los Angeles she took this special picture for me.  Thanks Liz! 

3/13/2005 Circle K  This Sunday our daughter Liz invited us to attend the 41st Annual District Convention of the New Jersy Circle K.  This year Liz was responsible for coordinating the entire weekend and was her farewell event.  She did a great job and as you can see we're very proud of her.

3/12/2005 -- Alice and GodChild      It was one of those weekends that came up out of nowhere.  I never understand what the plans are before the big days arrive.  But somehow Alice keeps all the plans straight.  On friday night we had dinner at the BambooGrille with our friends that were up for the weekend visiting.  We hadn't seend them in a while and the evening was a grand success.  Then, on Saturday night Alice had asked Erin and the boys (Jack and Ryan) to come down for dinner and a movie.  We watched Toy Story 2  together and then had dinner... Chicken Parm and pasta.  It was fun talking to Erin and seeing how much the boys had grown in just a few short weeks as you can see in this picture of Alice and her GodSon Ryan Kazella.

3/1/2005 -- Girl and Dog... So what do we do on those long winter nights when there's nothing much to do?  Well, we hang out and talk about our daughter.  We talk about what we did during the day and what is coming next.  This winter we've had lots of time for these little sessions between shopping and making dinner and baking cookies and church etc...  But no matter how busy she is Alice always has time to sit and play with her pet Shelty named Sugar.  This dog is her loyal friend and companion.  We recently took Sugar to the Vet in town for her Rabies shots and got her license renewed so that's all done.  And here they are...  A Girl and her Dog!

2/20/2005 -- Sunday School... It seems like last springtime, while drinking lemonade under the historic 600 year old oak tree at the  Basking Ridge  Presbyterian Church, Alice and I decided to sign up to teach 4 weeks of Sunday School this winter and... Soo... here we are.  Now we're not Bible scholars so how's this gonna work out?  And where was I when the donkey Jesus was riding became a 'Colt'? But it all worked out and on the wall behind Alice are the pictures that the class created during this weeks lesson on the meaning of 'Palm Sunday'. 

2/15/2005 -- Valentines Day is Over!!!  Valenties Day was a real success this year.  We went to the Annual car club dinner dance with Jean and Ronnie Marcianno.  Then, on Valentines Day we exchanged cards and big boxes of candy plus I bought Alice a little Silver Bracelet that she wanted from Tiffanys.  Now Alice loves the holidays... as most of you must know by now so it was no surprize when she got up the next day and took down the pink Valentines Day flag.  She really enjoys decorating the house for each holiday on the calendar.  She's even thinking about adding a few new ones.  Each winter when there's nothing much to do Alice goes shopping for new items like this flag here.  What a Girl huh?  Only about 1/4 the way through Lent and we're already thinking about St Patricks Day!  But that's my Alice.  Always one step ahead of me.  I'm right behind you dear!

2/5/2005 -- The CarClub Dinner...  The Installation Banquet of the Jersey Lakeland Region VCCA' was a big hit again this year.  In the winter, when they can't be out driving the cars they get together and spend some time with the wives, families and friends (us) of the members.  Each year they recognize the accomplishments of the club and it's members and talk about upcoming events. Our friends Jean and Ron Marcianno are members and they invite Alice and I to attend each year.  Here's Alice and Jean at this years event.

2/4/2005 Valentines Day Alice is out early this year working on her decorations for this first big holiday of 2005.  Here she is sizing up the flag and deciding is she can squeeze one more year out of it.  We keep all these flag in the house and have so many that they only get to fly for a few short weeks before the next on goes up.  So what do you think?  Alice, It looks good to me from here dear.  Love John!

2/1/2005 -- Liz, Here is a website that you might want to take a look at HowToReplaceYourWinshieldWipers From what I can see they actually give you step by step instructions for what to do.  It's a full service Website that has other helpful tips and tools.  They tell you how to diagnose and repair all sorts of Wiper Problems.  You can even order a set of blades delivered to your door.  Maybe you'll luck out and it will stop raining!  See you soon. Dad

1/30/2005 -- It was a busy weekend for us.  We went out Saturday and did our normal thing at the Credit Union with Alices banking.  That's always fun making sure we have all our important papers in order.  From there we went to Best Buy and bought a Dishwasher.  They guy said that all the Whirlpools had been recalled... Gee... We're replacing one of those.  Do you think the two are related?  Humm... On sunday we went to see Erin to deliver her the Baby Basket that we got from the company store.  While there we talked and had lunch with Erin, Pete,  Jack and this little fellow here is Ryan.  My he's getting big after only 14 or so weeks.  Him and his brother are a handful but Erin and Pete seem to take it all in stride and can handle both kids and entertain us at the same time.  I promised Erin that I'de only use the picture if it turned out good and this one was so good that I couldn't resist showing off both mother and child here!

1/23/2005 -- Hey Liz... Did you get any snow down in south Jersey?  This storm was one of the best I've seen in a while now.  I don't keep statistics on these things but we got over a foot of snow which makes this a snow storm to remember and commemorate here on the website.  It's hard to tell from this picture of Alice and Sugar but that's the street behind her looking out the front door and down the front walk.  We were lucky this year since the good old Cedars snow removal team was out bright and early this year... well they havn't had much snow so they're dying to get out and make some overtime.  And as usual I went out with my shovel and Salt and helped out while Alice took a moment to walk the dog.

1/14/2005 -- Well Liz is gone... Back to Richard Stockton College for the last spring semester of her Senior year.  According to plan it looks like she will be graduating on time this May and we're all looking forward to that.  This Christmas season turned out relly well for everyone.  The only thing I wanted this year was to get back my digital camera from Liz... and lucky me!  I got my wish.  Actually It cost me a few bucks cause I had to pony up and buy Liz a camera of her own.  As a matter of fact, this picture here of Alice putting the croutons in the nightly salad was taken by Liz with her new camera and both printed out and Emaile to me for the Website.  Not a bad picture huh? 

1/1/2005 -- Yes!  It was a great 2004 and should be a better 2005.  Make sure to stop by once in a while for all the latest news and info on Hoens family.  We made sure to save everything from 2004 in case you want to look back and review the good times past as we move forward in time.  JMH...